Photo Review: Keep Portland Weird Festival (in Paris), Day Two


Clément Haslé with more photos from Paris! Here's what he has to say about day two:Part of night two of Keep Portland Weird took place yesterday at Le Centre Pompidou, one of the most prestigious contemporary art museums in Europe. The show took place in a 400-seat venue located in the basement of the Centre. There is always a lot of action going on the square of the museum, as you can see in the ...   More
Thursday, April 26, 2012 LocalCut

Photo Review: Keep Portland Weird Festival (in Paris), Day One


As you may know by now, music fans and culture geeks in Paris are in the midst of celebrating another great city with a long and romantic history—Portland. Wait, what? Was that a typo? PARIS is celebrating US???Photographer Clément Haslé was there to capture day one of the festival. He had this to say about it.  "Keep Portland Weird Day One at La Gaité Lyrique. Pictures includes ...   More
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 LocalCut

Portland in Paris

Parisians are about to kick off a lengthy celebration of Portland and they are doing it in a magnifique way.    Starting today and extending till the end of the month, four different cultural institutions will be celebrating our music, our DIY culture, and what the French are calling(the English translation is bit rough), "a village full of 21st century hippies."  Le Monde recently ...   More
Thursday, April 19, 2012 by

Live Review: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside in Paris, France


There's the common phrase of "Big in Japan," which can be applied to bands who experience massive success abroad in the notoriously music-crazed Asian country. When it comes to Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, all you have to do is swap out Japan for France and the phrase will still ring true. Turn on the radio? Chances are you'll hear Ford's crooning coming from the speakers. Open up a French newspaper ...   More
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 NILINA MASON-CAMPBELL

A Portland-Themed Festival in... Paris?


Arts & Books
Paris is holding a Portland festival. The La Gaîté Lyrique digital art and modern music center and the Pompidou Center hold "city" themed festivals (previous festivals have focused on Istanbul and Berlin—y'know, real world cities), and in April 2012 it's "Keep Portland Weird."The festivities will include a presentation from PICA; a lecture from novelist and screenwriter Jon Raymond; and musical ...   More
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 by Ruth Brown

Photo Review: Glass Candy in Paris

ida no/ glass candy

Just after 2 am on Saturday, Glass Candy took to the stage at noted Paris club night Flash Cocotte, to a rabid audience that rivaled the hometown crowds that gather at Rotture whenever the pair plays the Rose City. Opening with "Digital Versicolor," front-woman Ida No was nearly unrecognizable with her new brunette hair-do and heavy '60s-style makeup. Of course, the moment she slipped off her shoes ...   More
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 NILINA MASON-CAMPBELL


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