SoHiTek Records: Wednesday, May 8

Not every young person comes to Portland to retire. Some start record labels.

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The founder of SoHiTek Records, 30-year-old Erik Carlson, lives the quintessential Portland dream. Aside from owning and operating his own homegrown record label, he also curates the SoHiTek visua   More
Wednesday, May 8, 2013 EMILEE BOOHER

Album Review: Pegasus Dream

In Absentia (Sohitek)

Album Reviews
[SPACE DISCO] Even more so on In Absentia than on its previous releases, Pegasus Dream achieves a sunny, seamless concatenation of melodies similar to that perfected by Starfucker and attempted    More
Wednesday, July 11, 2012 SHANE DANAHER

Photo Review: Youth Lagoon with Wild Ones, Radiation City, Pure Bathing Culture and Pegasus Dream at Doug Fir, 1/21


So this was supposed to be a review of much buzzed-over indie-pop artist Youth Lagoon's first-ever Portland show at the Doug Fir...but then the weather happened. Long story short, the dude was forced to cancel. Never fear, though. In a city like this one, it's pretty easy to round up a few awesome local bands -- just stick your head out the window and yell, pretty much -- and make the show go on. In ...   More
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 MATTHEW SINGER


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