"Are You Gonna Fucking Kill People?!"

Video of the Portland Spirit Confrontation with Red Bull Flugtag Observers


The story goes like this:1. Red Bull held an event where people-powered airplane-type contraptions flew off a big ramp into the Willamette. Thousands showed up to watch, including a few hundred people on small boats.2. The Portland Spirit, a boat that takes families on little cruises of the Willamette, tried to take its normal route back to the spot where it docks next to the Hawthorne Bridge. It could ...   More
Monday, August 3, 2015 by Martin Cizmar

Aboard the Portland Spirit with Tom Hughes

The Portland Spirit is nice enough for a yacht well into its second decade of service. She was calm tonight in the Willamette, only stirred by the occasional tugboat. Like Metro president candidate Tom Hughes, this wasn’t her first election party. Hughes, the former two-term mayor of Hillsboro, took it easy as backers arrived for what turned out to be a close election night in ...   More
Tuesday, November 2, 2010 Patrick Guild


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