Memo: New Weed Czar

Willie Weed
We hate to say it, but Oregon’s pot overlords don’t know shatter from shinola. Oregon Liquor Control Commission executives know their liquor, sure, as brave police officers pulling over cars   More
Wednesday, April 8, 2015 ROBERTO JAMÓN

The Oregonian Double Paid Its Property Tax Bill

The paper gave the county an extra $500,000 by mistake


Let no one question how seriously The Oregonian takes the obligation to pay property taxes.Last month, the state's biggest newspaper rolled out a story package on the metropolitan area's biggest property "tax scofflaws," naming an assortment of people ranging from a failed congressional candidate to ex-NBA star Rasheed Wallace. The story came complete with a meticulous interactive map of every building ...   More
Friday, December 6, 2013 by Alex Tomchak Scott

Taking A Deep Breath Before Game 6

[youtube 3j1q6osDAEc] For all the back-and-forth over what the Trail Blazers should — or shouldn't — be doing in their first-round series against Houston, we're going to take a step back on this day off between Games 5 and 6 to employ that classic sports bromide — "putting things in perspective." Sports fans ask one of two things from our teams: 1) If you're going to be jerks, ...   More
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 HANK STERN


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