A Confession: I Can't Stop Watching America's Got Talent

Hey, there. It's me, your occasionally friendly WW theater critic. Good to see y'all again. I gotta say, I haven't had a whole lot to do this summer. It's been a long few months since I last saw a decent show, and the endless weeks of community theater and lousy musicals just aren't doing it for me. So what have I, a professional audience member and unapologetic snob, done to stay entertained for the ...   More
Thursday, August 28, 2008 BEN WATERHOUSE

Tre Arrow's Must-Reads: No Logo, Crimethinc, Harry Potter 1-7

Dreamy arsonist cum shoplifter Tre Arrow has had plenty of time to catch up on his reading since his 2004 arrest in Canada. The Free Tre Arrow Web site, maintained by pro-Tre advocates, lists 45 titles under Arrow's "Suggested Books," but it appears he may have exhausted the prison's literary resources. An August 28th blog posting asks readers to mail used books to Arrow in prison. The titles ...   More
Friday, September 12, 2008 Tony Piff

EXCLUSIVE: No Wire Hangers? Joan Crawford Remake Could Be Next for Todd Haynes

Portland's cerebral-cinema auteur Todd Haynes tells WW that he's in talks to produce a television adaptation of the James M. Cain novel Mildred Pierce . "I read the book recently," Haynes said in an interview this afternoon (timed to a rare public appearance at the NW Film Center this month for Cinema Project's Expanded Frames series). "And it's so different from the Joan Crawford ...   More
Friday, October 3, 2008 AARON MESH

Nobody Works Anymore: Shame! Obama Campaign Foiled By Lazy Willamette Week Web Editor

BREAKING NEWS FROM THE FUTURE! On Friday, Nov. 7, CNNBC revealed that the McCain/Palin ticket triumphed thanks to the single goddamn uncast vote of WW's very own web editor, Ian Gillingham , as seen in the video below: What's really going on? In the spirit of the Bush Doctrine , MoveOn.org has developed a preemptive shaming tool that creates a custom fake news video , headlining the name ...   More
Friday, October 24, 2008 Tony Piff

You Stay Classy, Phil Busse: Portland Editor Stealing McCain Yard Signs in Minnesota

You can take the sleazy dude out of the Left Coast, but you can't take the Left Coast out of the sleazy dude. Phil Busse, the erstwhile Mercury editor, mayoral candidate, clairvoyant restaurant reviewer, prison boxing habitué and hilariously overpaid political campaign manager, has taken leave of Portland for a visiting professorship at St. Olaf College in Minnesota—a job that apparently ...   More
Monday, November 3, 2008 AARON MESH

Updated with Video: Smith Tells Reporters his Political Career is Over

This just in from Barbara Wright, a resident of Pendleton (pictured above) who attended this afternoon's press conference called by U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) at his home in Eastern Oregon: At 2 p.m. this afternoon, Sen. Gordon Smith, flanked by his wife Sharon, held a news conference in the office of their Pendleton home. "At 8:45 this morning, I called Jeff Merkley and congratulated ...   More
Thursday, November 6, 2008 BETH SLOVIC

Snow and the City

At the risk of being asked to turn in my laminated "I'm a native Oregonian and lovin' it" card, I'll admit that I don't know jack about skiing or snowboarding. I've never even sledded down Mt. Hood. I know, it's pathetic. But, I do enjoy watching people risk bodily harm and am currently engaged in a long-term relationship with the movie Better Off Dead. So I think I'm allowed to go check out the ...   More
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 KELLY CLARKE

What The Man Challenging Obama's Citizenship Told Lars Larson

Since the Right's fulminations against President-elect Obama show no signs of abating, we dug up this October interview (below) by Lars Larson with Phillip Berg, the man who's challenging Obama's citizenship in the courts. Take a listen (and learn the answer to this stump-your-friends-at-holiday-parties trivia question: Where was Larson born? Hint: It wasn't in the United States.) [youtube TZ5EFNKrQ5E] ...   More
Tuesday, December 9, 2008 HANK STERN

Better Than Sex: WWire

...   More
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 JAMES PITKIN

Recession Busters Contests: A trip to Bend or discount sex toys for the taking!

Among the bevy of free and cheap deals we offered in last week's Recession Busters cover package were two special WRITE IN contests. If you emailed us and explained why you needed to get the hell outta Portland you got the chance to win a free two-night stay at the Inn at Eagle Crest, a fab ski and golf resort near Bend, Oregon (scroll down for the full rundown and how to enter). Or, we also ...   More
Thursday, February 5, 2009 KELLY CLARKE


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