The Best From Everywhere Else 2012

Our music writers’ favorite albums of 2012 not made by their neighbors.

Music Stories
Aesop Rock, Skelethon  The old-school indie MC breaks a five-year silence with a characteristic torrent of impassioned poetry over rock-influenced beats. JONATHAN FROCHTZWAJG.   Ava L   More
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 WW MUSIC STAFF

MFNW By the Hour: A Guide to Saturday and Sunday Night


Navigating MusicfestNW can leave even lifelong Portlanders looking like common tourists, standing dazed on a street corner, trying to figure out which direction to head. Every night is a treacherous journey in which one bad decision can ruin the entire evening. Don't worry, though: WW is here to help. Plotting the perfect schedule can be overwhelming, but it's not impossible. Each night of the ...   More
Saturday, September 8, 2012 WW MUSIC STAFF

Michael Gira: Friday, March 23

The Swans frontman has the energy of five punks half his age.

Music Stories
[SINGER-SONGWRITER-BLEEDER] Watching footage of Michael Gira fronting the earliest incarnation of his band Swans, you almost expect him to either self-immolate onstage or spontaneously combust.    More
Wednesday, March 21, 2012 ROBERT HAM


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