Haute-N-Ready: Quesarito

At long last, Taco Bell wraps a burrito in a quesadilla


Food & Drink
Welcome to Haute-N-Ready, in which John Locanthi, Willamette Week’s trencherman of leisure, tastes the hastily made, modestly priced food of the common man.Taco Bell has long been unafraid to boldly go where no fast food has gone before. The pseudo-Mexican chain was the first to realize the potential of Doritos to be more than a moderately satisfying, flavored corn product when it unveiled the Doritos ...   More
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 JOHN LOCANTHI

EAT: Food Carts Go Corporate

You see that? That's corporate America taking a thing you love, shoving it into the ravenous jaws of the marketing beast and spitting out something you feel dirty for being associated with (we have strong feelings about food carts here at WW). The Taco Bell Truck, spotted Thursday on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, has been driving around since last summer, handing out free tacos to the desperate ...   More
Monday, June 28, 2010 BEN WATERHOUSE


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