A Response To Portland's "Hip-Hop Problem"

Local rap aficionados react after Vice airs out the city's "dirty laundry." UPDATE: Author Thor Benson responds to the response.


Vice Magazine caused quite a stir last week by publishing an article on the Portland hip-hop scene and its struggle with racism, the Portland Police Department and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The article opened a number of eyes—it was shared close to 300 times on Facebook—to what local rappers have been enduring since the early 1990s, when hip-hop shows were essentially illegal downtown ...   More
Monday, September 30, 2013 REED JACKSON

John McAfee, Part 3: "I Just Tell Them Things Which Make Them Go, 'He's a Madman.'"


(For Part 1 of this interview, about McAfee's move to Portland, click here. For Part 2, about money and sex, click here.)John McAfee often manipulates the media--at least that's what he says.At various times in the past couple of years, McAfee, the software magnate turned fugutive, has said that he has experimented with the rectal application of MDPV, a synthetic drug also known as "bath salts." And ...   More
Sunday, January 13, 2013 MARY EMILY O'HARA


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