PNCA’s New Digs

Look closely for the schooner…

Visual Arts
First Thursday’s must-see destination for March was the brand-flippin’-new campus of Pacific Northwest College of Art, which crowns the North Park Blocks at 511 NW Broadway. Although the b   More
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 RICHARD SPEER

Art Review: Francine Fleischer, Swim

Off the beach, into the cenote.

Visual Arts
The landscape of Mexico, wrote D.H. Lawrence in The Plumed Serpent, “seems to emit a deep purring sound, too deep for the ear to hear, and yet audible on the blood.” Lawrence’s musings hin   More
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 RICHARD SPEER


Oregon only, please.

Visual Arts
Where do you find the pulse of Portland? If you ask artsy types, they’re apt to direct you to Disjecta’s ambitious biennial exhibition, Portland2014. The nonprofit began mounting biennials i   More
Wednesday, March 5, 2014 RICHARD SPEER

Portlanders at Art Basel Miami Beach

PICA, Elizabeth Leach, Adam Sorensen and other art lights, in the sun


Arts & Books
Temperatures may have plummeted in Portland, but down in “Portland South” (that would be Miami, Florida) it’s 83 degrees. There’s a big Portland presence in Miami this week for the annual mega-art-festival known as Art Basel Miami Beach. On South Beach, Collins Avenue and Lincoln Road are crawling with Stumptowners. Artist Eugenia Pardue was spotted en route to the Context art fair; ...   More
Friday, December 6, 2013 by Richard Speer

Best Portland Art of the Year 2012

Favorite shows and pieces from 2012.

Visual Arts
The Portland art scene lost some important venues in 2012. After mounting some of the strongest shows in recent memory, Victory Gallery closed its doors due to economic necessities. One of the P   More
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 RICHARD SPEER

Trashed @ 35 opening party tonight at Backspace.

Arts & Books
People do weird things with their copies of Willamette Week. We were so intrigued by the photos a local artist named Klutch sent us earlier this summer showing the artworks he created by doodling on his new copy of WW at Meat Cheese Bread each week that we decided to mount an entire gallery show devoted to trashing our newspaper covers. With help from Klutch and WW vis arts critic Richard Speer, ...   More
Thursday, November 5, 2009 KELLY CLARKE

Closing: Fontanelle says goodbye at the end of January.

Arts & Books
Some crummy news on the visual arts front... The co-founders of Fontanelle Gallery announced earlier today they will close the gallery at the end of January. According to a bittersweet announcement by Jess Fogel and Leslie Miller, economic factors contributed to the closing: “Between the economy and our young, bustling, busy lives, we have had to make this difficult decision... We can't express ...   More
Thursday, January 14, 2010 RICHARD SPEER

Lawrence Gallery Closes Pearl District Gallery

Arts & Books
In a move that was not entirely unexpected, Lawrence Gallery has closed its Pearl District location at 903 NW Davis St. The gallery, once a cash cow, had been suffering in the economic downturn. In a letter sent to gallery artists and clients on Friday, March 26, owners Gary and Signe Lawrence said they are closing the location “at least for now” because “the Portland gallery location has been ...   More
Monday, March 29, 2010 RICHARD SPEER

Almost Live: Cascade AIDS Project Art Auction's New Digs a Hit

Arts & Books
What a difference a venue makes. After a multi-year run in the oppressively cheesy Oregon Convention Center, the Cascade AIDS Project's annual fundraising extravaganza benefited immensely this past weekend from a move to the Bison Building at 419 NE 10th Ave. The 21st Annual Art Evening and Auction, held Saturday, May 1, felt like a whole new event thanks to the spaciousness of the environs of ...   More
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 RICHARD SPEER

Mark Woolley Gallery to Close May 30

After 15 years in business, the Mark Woolley Gallery will close on May 30th, after a final group show. The gallery becomes the third major Portland gallery to close this year, after Quality Pictures foundered in January and Pulliam Deffenbaugh's directors announced in March they were ending their longtime run and restructuring into a new gallery to be called The Pulliam Gallery. For his part, Woolley ...   More
Thursday, April 9, 2009 RICHARD SPEER


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