President of Beers: #42

Alaskan Amber: Alaskan Brewing Co., Juneau, Alaska


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We're drinking the flagship craft beer from every state in the Union, counting down from 50-1, to find which is home to the President of Beers.#42 Alaskan Amber: Alaskan Brewing Co., Juneau, AlaskaState: Secretary of State William H. Seward purchased the land now known as Alaska in 1867 in an agreement affectionately remembered as Seward’s Folly. What was once a rugged, uninhabited area rich ...   More
Saturday, September 1, 2012 JOHN LOCANTHI

The Iditarod is Tweet!

Rachael Scdoris of Alfalfa, Ore., is 24, legally blind, and at this exact moment, commanding a team of sled dogs across Alaska's icy Iditarod Trail in the famous 1,161-mile race. She's currently in day 12 of a race that took her 12 days, 10 hours, and 42 minutes to successfully complete her first time in 2006, the first legally blind musher to do so. Yesterday, she crossed the Eagle Island ...   More
Friday, March 13, 2009 Megan Brescini

TBA 2010: The Thank-You Bar

Thursday, Sept. 16 at Imago Theater: "I AM SO LONELY," croons the woman laying flat on her back to the left of the audience. We're marooned in the middle of the Imago Theatre, perched on an island of chairs and cushions, surrounded by the insides of Emily Johnson's head. There are hand-scrawled signs labeling "MY AMP" and "MAKESHIFT SCREEN" tacked to objects around the room; a tangle of wires, ...   More
Friday, September 17, 2010 KELLY CLARKE


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