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Portland loves its culture—and loves that so many people are also fascinated by it. But just how cultured is Portland? Turns out just a bit. City Vitals 2.0 ranks Portland as the eighth-most cul   More
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 SAM STITES

Mark Woolley Gallery to Close May 30

After 15 years in business, the Mark Woolley Gallery will close on May 30th, after a final group show. The gallery becomes the third major Portland gallery to close this year, after Quality Pictures foundered in January and Pulliam Deffenbaugh's directors announced in March they were ending their longtime run and restructuring into a new gallery to be called The Pulliam Gallery. For his part, Woolley ...   More
Thursday, April 9, 2009 RICHARD SPEER

TBA Diary: Last In Translation

Hopefully all you TBA Fest goers out there made it to the opening Salon chat that took place at 12:30 pm Friday at Pacific Northwest College of Art. The audience there filled about three-quarters of the 50 or so chairs there, so while the crowd was decent, chances are you didn't make it. Which is a shame, because PICA's artistic staff—Cathy Edwards, Kristan Kennedy and Erin Boberg Doughton—provided ...   More
Sunday, September 6, 2009 Jonanna Widner


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