Faceoff: Girls vs. Portlandia

Another article about Girls. Sorry.

We’re going to talk about Girls. It’s not like we want to. But Lena Dunham, creator and star of the HBO series, will be in town Sunday to promote her new book, Not That Kind of Girl (Random Ho   More
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 JAMES HELMSWORTH

Tour Diary of a Roaming Intern: Jenny Booth at Swn Festival (Cardiff, UK)

So why not send our former intern, Jenny Booth, to a festival in the UK, right? Heck, if it helps her with a press pass, we feel pretty damn good about it. -Ed. Having studied my degree in Cardiff—and always longed for a music festival on my doorstep—it was downright mean of Swn Fest's organizers to start it up the year I left school. Three years on, though, and I'm finally in the right ...   More
Friday, October 30, 2009 Jenny Booth


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