Do You Give a Rat's A*#?

New pro-animal research billboard hits Portland

FRB Rat Billboard

If you thought the battle over animal research had taken a ceasefire in Portland, think again. The city is one of six in the United States targeted in a new billboard campaign by The Foundation for Biomedical Research. The billboards from the the pro-animal research group show a smiling child next to a lab rat and asks, “Who would you rather see live?” Part of its ResearchSaves campaign, FBR ...   More
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 NATHAN GILLES

An Open Letter to Tom Cruise

Queer Window
Methinks Maverick doth protest too much. Why else would you file a $100 million-dollar defamation lawsuit against an obscure French magazine for publishing a story that claims--mon dieu!--you "wre ...   More
Wednesday, May 16, 2001 Byron Beck


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