Oregon State Fair, too big to miss? Maybe the pig's balls.

I've lived in the Portland now for two months, and I'll be honest, I love the place. I love the music, I love the beer and I love the people that keep it weird. Sometimes folks from back in Minnesota ask me if I'm getting homesick at all and the response is pretty simple: No. Occasionally at night I'll miss my friends and family, but it's been a beautiful summer and, despite what I've heard about the ...   More
Tuesday, September 2, 2008 Matt Graham

Sarah Palin Honored by America's Dumbest

...   More
Monday, November 24, 2008 JAMES PITKIN

Simpatica adds Saturday brunch; moves meat to eastside.

A tasty double-punch of food news for Portland's favorite charcuterie stop/dining hall/caterer/Sunday brunch mash-up. Simpatica announced they're adding a Saturday brunch starting this week (9 am-2 pm Saturday, Jan. 3). What's on the menu? "As usual, it's very meat focused. House-cured pork Tasso steaks or smoked brisket should be on the menu on one of the days, possibly with some Hoppin' John," ...   More
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 KELLY CLARKE

Death By Pork at Cochon 555

Yesterday was National Pig Day. To celebrate, Georgia-based Taste Network held the Portland edition of Cochon 555, a national series of contests in which five chefs each get a pig and vie to prove their mastery of pork while five winemakers offer samples, at the Ecotrust building. The event, a fundraiser for the Raphael House, was preceded by a reception with a tasting of roasted shoulders from the ...   More
Monday, March 2, 2009 BEN WATERHOUSE

Feeding Your Obsession With Pork, One Pig Roast At A Time

With the amount of pigs being slaughtered for consumption over the next few weeks, one might think that swine are falling from the sky. (Although, it is better than snow falling from the sky because then the city shuts down and electricity goes out.) Below are the events where everyone, except strict Jews and Muslims, can get their fill of the other white meat. Gracie's at Hotel deLuxe is ...   More
Thursday, February 19, 2009 Samantha Herman

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta, Swine Flu, and You

If you let swine flu stop you from getting sloshed at the Cinco De Mayo fiesta, then the terrorists — or the germs — have already won. The festival's organizers, the Portland Guadalajara Sister City Association, reassured us it's doing everything in its power to respond. Vice President John Cardenas says he and others are getting their cues from Multnomah County's Health Department, ...   More
Thursday, April 30, 2009 Megan Brescini


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