Prison Blues—And Grays

An aging population of inmates is costing Oregon a bundle.

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Oregon prisons are looking more and more like assisted living centers. That’s because Oregon houses the highest percentage of elderly inmates in the nation, according to a 2014 report by the   More
Wednesday, January 28, 2015 GABRIELLA DUNN

Kulongoski: Too Many People In Prison

No politician wants to be viewed as soft on crime. But Gov. Ted Kulongoski, in an exit interview with us earlier this month, made the impolitic observation in the video clip below that this state has gone too far in prison building. He also talked about his next career and how he would like to work on corrections issues. (Hint-turn up the volume.) Our Q & A with Kulongoski will be in the ...   More
Thursday, December 30, 2010 MARK ZUSMAN

Peltier Coming To Portland?

Chauncey Peltier, 43-year-old son of imprisoned American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, stopped by WW's offices Monday to sign a letter to the parole board that's considering his father's parole from the U.S. Penitenitary in Lewisburg, Pa. next week. The letter invites his father to live in the Portland area, pending the outcome of his July 28 hearing. “I used to be nervous [about getting ...   More
Wednesday, July 22, 2009 Allison Ferre


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