Beer Hall: Widmer Octoberfest, Brews for New Avenues, and the Burger Brawl

Portland beer events for the week of September 10, 2015.


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This week, California’s Lagunitas announced the sale of half of its company to privately owned international brewery Heineken. It’s the last in a long line of mergers in the past two years, many of which—10 Barrel, Full Sail, Elysian—hit close to home. In a time when big players are looking at the money in the industry, it is important to remember the humble, often not-so-profitable, roots ...   More
Thursday, September 10, 2015 PARKER HALL

This Week In Beer: North American Organic Brewers Fest, Session Fest and IIPA Fest

Portland beer events for the week of 8/13/15.


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Thursday, Aug. 13North American Organic Brew FestPortland’s celebration of organic beers, ciders and meads returns to Overlook Park a bit late this year, ditching previous festivals’ June date for something a little later because “another promoter took our June date.” Celebrating 11 years, the festival offers many one-off beers and ciders, like a Danny Brown tribute beer from Sherwood’s ...   More
Thursday, August 13, 2015 PARKER HALL

This Week In Beer: Oregon Brewers Festival, Bailey's Second Anniversary and Fire and Brimstone Fest!

Portland beer events for the week of July 23.


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Thursday, July 23Oregon Brewers FestivalThis is the big daddy of Oregon beer festivals—the biggest craft-beer fest in North America and the oldest of the big ones. Which is to say, it’s kind of a shitshow, with an estimated 80,000 people rolling through, a carnival of beer geeks and one-time lookie-loos and everyone in between. But it’ll also have a whopping 90 beers on tap from all over the ...   More
Thursday, July 23, 2015 PARKER HALL

Bar Guide 2014: Saraveza

Bar Guide
Saraveza1004 N Killingsworth St., 206-4252, 11 am-midnight daily.North Portland’s favorite spot to watch a Green Bay Packers game, Saraveza is a supremely warm and comfy place with a s   More
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 REBECCA JACOBSON

A Woman's Place is in the Brewery

10 minutes with filmmaker and beer lover Alison Grayson


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Today is the first day of PDX Beer Week, a new beer festival—because there just aren't enough in this city—celebrating Portland's craft beer community. The event will also host the premier of local filmmaker Alison Grayson's new documentary The Love of Beer, which gets up close and personal with women in the Pacific Northwest beer industry.Grayson chatted to WW this morning about the female ...   More
Friday, August 19, 2011 RUTH BROWN


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