Buy PDX: #MEETUPS, New Spring Pieces, and Online Shopping


#PDXMEETThe company behind @Portland on Instagram isn't a PR firm or a City department. It's retailer Portland Gear. Owner Marcus Harvey intends to be the unpaid face of Portland PR, posting quirks, snapshots and stories daily. Of course, it's also marketing for his own clothing brand, which shares the city's name.Earlier this year, Harvey bought an iconic VW van with ...   More
Sunday, May 17, 2015 LUCAS CHEMOTTI

LIVE REVIEW: Oregon Ballet Theatre’s The Stravinsky Project


Arts & Books
An exploding egg, electronic birdsong and dancing in the lobby: maybe not what you’d expect to find at the ballet, although you will encounter all three at Oregon Ballet Theatre’s The Stravinsky Project.The three-part program, which runs through this weekend, is united by the Russian composer’s music, in live, recorded and remixed forms. It opens with Yuri Possokhov’s version of Firebird, a ...   More
Tuesday, March 1, 2011 HEATHER WISNER

Easter Bonnet Roundup

The Easter bonnet has fallen out of favor of late, but there are plenty of reasons to bring it back. Most of these cheerful hats are from the Pearl District's hat store of the same name (Bonnet, in case that wasn't clear), with a couple from Imelda's and Moxie. Pictured above is a purple felt cloche from Bonnet, $86. This wide-brimmed straw hat (also from Bonnet, $36) will take you from ...   More
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 Retail Therapist


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