The Fireside: Warming Up

Bar Reviews
For all its supposed trendiness, Northwest 23rd Avenue’s pub life is in a sad state. Especially before New Old Lompoc reopened recently, when Nob Hill Bar & Grill was the only barlike bar be   More
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 MARTIN CIZMAR

Future Drinking

New tenant for old Music Millennium space, a rice wine distillery and more new places to eat and drink in Portland


Food & Drink
Once again we look to the future of Portland's dining and drinking scene, via OLCC applications:After about a zillion years, the space that formerly housed Music Millennium on Northwest 23rd is finally getting a new tenant: The Fireside. Not much more info other than a name at this point, but it's a good location, so it's nice to finally see something happening there. Moscow Bar and Grill (which ...   More
Friday, June 22, 2012 RUTH BROWN


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