Water Tower Bucket Boys Tour Diary: "Oh, You're Playing the Best Pub in the World!" (Dorset, England)


Every mention of our gig in Dorset drew the same reaction: “Oh you’re playing at The Square and Compass! That’s the best pub in the world!” The Square and Compass is the best pub I’ve ever been to, and I can’t imagine one that could be any better. I highly recommend a visit to Dorset, and more specifically the Square and Compass if you are anywhere near the south of England. We rolled ...   More
Friday, September 23, 2011 Water Tower Bucket Boys

Dirty Mittens: It's Gonna be Awful (Bellingham, Wash.)

It's gonna be awful, I keep telling myself—managing expectations. We will sleep on hard floors and eat bad food. What shows aren't canceled will be for five people in a rec center basement and we won't be paid. We will get robbed, beaten up, snowed in, pulled over, and made fun of. When we finally pull into Portland two weeks from now, it will be beaten and ragged Mittens that emerge from a fully ...   More
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Ben Hubbird

Simon Joyner: Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You

Omaha folk legend Simon Joyner is travelling around the country on his Living Rooms & Discrete Spaces Tour—turning regular folks' houses into makeshift theatres to support his new album, Out Into the Snow—and next week, he's coming to play a living room in Portland. Joyner plays bittersweet country-tinged ballads that sound a bit like a drunken Conor Oberst (or rather, Conor Oberst sounds ...   More
Thursday, July 15, 2010 RUTH BROWN

The Thermals Tour Diary: They Have Gravity in China, Too (Part One of Three)

Thermals frontman Hutch Harris was rad enough to take us up on our offer to keep a diary while touring China last month. It will appear in three parts this week. Disclaimer: This journal is my personal account of The Thermals' recent trip to China. It is in no way intended to be a historical or political lesson about China. Certain information has been censored for your protection. — Hutch ...   More
Monday, April 5, 2010 The Thermals

World's Greatest Ghosts: Nico Likes to Sleep on Our Feet (Merced, CA)

The show last night in Merced, CA at The Partisan was another smash! They couldn't get enough and had us play two sets before the night was done! We actually pulled it off pretty well considering we proceeded to get somewhat smashed before we learned they wanted us to play again after the other band. The crowd was nuts! Very very fun gig! Great staff, too. Made some new friends for sure. Shared the ...   More
Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Floater: Ride the Funk (San Diego)

The band got into San Diego in the wee hours of the morning and I took off for a walk through Presidio Park. I navigated the sleeping homeless scattered around the grass and all the while saw the historical Presidio looming high over the land. It's preserved from the mid 1700's when Spanish missionaries and soldiers built it to help gently persuade the indigenous people to become serfs to the Spanish ...   More
Thursday, May 20, 2010 Floater

Typhoon: Starting Over, Starting Again (Portland to Texas)

Typhoon's Kyle Morton (along with a rotating cast of his Typhoon bandmates) was kind enough to keep a diary of the band's recent Western tour with french composer/musician Yann Tiersen. This is the first post in a three-part series. Typhoon plays Friday night at Berbati's Pan for the Best New Bands showcase. TYPHOON "DUST LANE" TOUR DIARY & FINAL MANIFESTO Starting Over, Starting Again "…and ...   More
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 Typhoon


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