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Jeff Cogen’s resignation means local pols are maneuvering for new chairs.

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Jeff Cogen has simplified the 2016 election for Charlie Hales. The embattled Multnomah County chairman announced last week he’ll resign Sept. 16—two months after revelations of his affair wi   More
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 NIGEL JAQUISS , AARON MESH

Deborah Kafoury Will Run for County Chair—But Not Yet


Multnomah County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury tells WW she's planning to run for Jeff Cogen's vacated county chair job, confirming months of speculation.But Kafoury says she isn't ready to launch her campaign, which would require her to resign her current seat on the board."At some point, I intend to run for chair, quit my job and campaign," Kafoury tells WW. "But the time for that is not right now."Kafoury ...   More
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by Aaron Mesh

Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen Resigns

UPDATE: Marissa Madrigal will replace Cogen; says she's "laser-focused" on job.


ORIGINAL POST, 12:01 pm:Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen is resigning, effective Sept. 16. "I’ve always told my children that we must face the consequences of our actions," Cogen writes in a statement. "It is time for me to follow my own advice."Cogen's chief of staff, Marissa Madrigal—who resigned from working for him Thursday—will take over as County Chair on Sept. 17, and serve through ...   More
Friday, September 6, 2013 Nigel Jaquiss and Aaron Mesh

Jeff Cogen Skipped Labor Picnic

Here's who showed up to stump for union votes.


Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen was conspicuously absent from the Northwest Oregon Labor Council’s annual Oaks Amusement Park picnic on Sept. 2, as WW reports in this morning's paper.Why does that absence matter? The Labor Day picnic is a must for politicians seeking union dollars—and an opportunity for the Oregon Democratic Party power structure to present a unified front to its base. More ...   More
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Nigel Jaquiss and Aaron Mesh

Jeff Cogen's Chief of Staff Resigns

Marissa Madrigal will take pay cut to stay at Multnomah County


Embattled Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen suffered a major loss today: His chief of staff, Marissa Madrigal, resigned to take a job in the county's human resources department. Cogen, the county's top elected official, is currently under criminal investigation by the Oregon Department of Justice, which is examining the circumstances around his nearly two-year affair with county employee Sonia Manhas. ...   More
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Nigel Jaquiss and Aaron Mesh

Ethics Commission Rejects County Employee's Complaint Against Jeff Cogen


A veteran Multnomah County employee has filed a complaint with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission against county Chairman Jeff Cogen for presiding over a board resolution July 25 that called for Cogen's resignation. The resolution came on the heels of revelations that Cogen had carried on a nearly-two-year affair with Sonia Manhas, also a county employee. Details of the affair led Cogen's ...   More
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 NIGEL JAQUISS

To Lead or Not to Lead

Commissioner Deborah Kafoury wants Jeff Cogen off the Multnomah county board. Is she willing to go for his job as well?

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Deborah Kafoury won election as fifth-grade class president of Irvington Elementary School in 1977 by deploying a secret weapon: a political button-making machine. “Her mom was an elected of   More
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 AARON MESH

Justice League

Cogen faces a state criminal investigation. He’s not happy. But should he be worried?

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This month, Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen will answer questions in a criminal investigation aimed at finding out if he abused his public office while having an affair with a county employee   More
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 AARON MESH

Inbox: Cogen, Adams, Et Al.

Letters to the Editor
[Jeff] Cogen joins [Sam] Adams on a dirty laundry list—from U.S. Sen. Bob Packwood to Congressman David Wu—of Oregon’s politically elite men behaving like tumescent teens. [“Boys Behaving    More
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 WW Editorial Staff

The 10 Questions Jeff Cogen Refuses to Answer

The county chair cuts a deal with The Oregonian for softball questions only. We declined the same offer.


This morning's edition of The Oregonian features an exclusive interview with embattled Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen. In the interview Cogen expresses confidence he will be cleared of all wrongdoing in the current criminal investigation into his actions regarding Sonia Manhas, a county employee with whom he had a nearly two-year affair.What you won’t see in the interview are any serious questions ...   More
Friday, August 2, 2013 AARON MESH


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