Comet Watching, Mount Tabor Style

It's a few minutes to five atop Mt. Tabor on Friday night. About two-dozen people swaddled in scarves and jackets watch the sky to the southwest, through a break in the trees. A small telescope sits on a tripod; a family of five sits in a line while the father scans the sky with what looks to be the scope of a hunting rifle; a jogger slows, stops and stares. Others have binoculars and pace back and ...   More
Sunday, January 14, 2007 Adrian Chen

SPOTTED! My "Pal" Joey

So if you're Joey Harrington and you're back in your Portland hometown to get married, don't you think you'd be scrambling (I'll try to make that my only cutesy reference to football and snarky allusion to Harrington's failing NFL career) to nail down details of the limo, band, church, china pattern, whatever? NOT MY PAL JOEY! In true Harrington fashion, the QB is hitting events around town ...   More
Thursday, February 22, 2007 HANK STERN

Mt Hood's White River West Sno Park is Open Once Again

The White River West Sno Park, a popular area for winter romping on Highway 35, has re-opened after it was damaged by the November floods. Although its parking capacity is one-third of what it once was, folks can access the White River Canyon for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and sledding. A Sno-Park pass is required. The lot re-opened on Febraury 20 and the Forest Service reported a "muddy ...   More
Monday, February 26, 2007 Paul Gerald

Hot Girl-On-Bike Action II: Miss Ohlsen's Race Diary

As promised yesterday, here's the full report from my first experience racing motorcycles with OMRRA at Portland International Raceway. For the record, I've never had more fun gathering writing material, ever! The Honda 160 racers are an awesome group. Thanks, guys! Thursday night: Classroom session. I get lost trying to find my way ACROSS the track to the classroom, arriving close to the back of ...   More
Monday, April 2, 2007 BECKY OHLSEN

Out-Posts: The I-Hate-Everything-Hipster Creed.

I didn't take my regular route to work today. So instead of seeing all the hipsters on Northwest 23rd Avenue, I was confronted with what has to be one of the best screeds against all things Hipster Portland that I've ever seen. Titled "Portland (at Large)," it's signed (and then scribbled out) by a person named "Billy." It's written on a traffic light pole on the Southwest corner of Northwest ...   More
Tuesday, April 3, 2007 Byron Beck

Drinking for Mother Earth with Organic Brewers Fest

Consuming organic foods is good for you, and good for the environment. Of course it is. Organics are completely free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. But could it be that drinking organic beer lessens your chance of getting a horrendous, throbbing hangover? “I know for a fact that it does,” says Craig Nicholls, Roots Organic Brewing's co-founder. “I don't usually ...   More
Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Bomber's Better than Your Bomber!

About 50 silver haired observers gaped up at the sky through BluBlockers and held on to their caps as the 60 year-old bomber eased down to the sizzling tarmac. Like a scrappy little brother catching up with his grumpy older siblings, the ancient warplane slid up alongside his two larger companions and nonchalantly hushed the chugging of his roaring twin props. It's not everyday you see a ...   More
Monday, June 11, 2007 William Crawford

Skydive, Bungee Jump, Be a Good Human

How to Make a Self-Serving Donation to Charity: 1) Go skydiving 2) Shoot at your friends with paintball guns 3) Jump off the highest bungee bridge in the U.S. No planning, no supplies needed, no hunting a place like Canyon Creek (pop. 669) for lunch after bungee jumping your brains out, no kidding. Founded last summer by three young professionals who just wanted to “get together ...   More
Wednesday, June 13, 2007 Jocelyn Brady

The Platinum Bicycle Master Plan by Charles Dickens

For those of you not paying attention to the latest serialized novella spilling out of the City of Portland's website, the first installment of the Platinum Bicycle Master Plan has finally arrived. Though not as polished as the first edition, if the introduction is any indicator, this sequel will be a tear-jerking, edge-of-your-seat masterpiece. Jumping right into the action, the two-page document ...   More
Monday, June 25, 2007 Nick Deshais


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