Cut of the Day: "Family Affair," Tope ft. Grynch & Spac3man


It’s almost July in Portland, and it’s still raining. Big surprise, right? Well, cheer up, because, based on the upcoming forecast, summer is right around the corner. And when that big bright thingy in the sky finally does decide to smile upon us, Portland rapper Tope has made a jam for you to bump. The song, “Family Affair,” is a funky bass rattler built off a Cheryl Lynn sample ...   More
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 REED JACKSON

Hip-Hop Video Roundup: TxE! MY-G! Illmaculate! Al-One!

UPDATE: Now with new Luck-One and Dizz video!


It's been a busy month for local hip-hop, both in the studio and on the screen. Here's how some emcees have spent the Portland autumn. TxE, "Swing Set" In case you couldn't guess from the title of this new track from TxE—that's rappers Tope and Epp and producer G-Force aka Calvin Valentine—or the title of the their new EP, Tetherball, the group has been in a nostalgic mood recently. It ...   More
Thursday, December 6, 2012 MATTHEW SINGER

Album Review: Tope

Until the Next Time We Meet (Amigo/Amiga)

Album Reviews
[PO-HOP] When I first heard Portland rapper Tope five years ago as a member of Living Proof, I immediately fell in love with, above all else, how fun the music sounded. In an era when many Portl   More
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 REED JACKSON

Video: "Respect Fully," Tope


Soul Music, the solo debut from Portland emcee/producer Tope, is essentially an album-long homage to the legends that have inspired the rapper formerly known as Anthony Anderson, from the artists he references in his lyrics to the samples. The track "Respect Fully" is the most direct tribute. Over a laid-back, piano-laced beat, Tope name drops everyone from Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield ...   More
Thursday, March 24, 2011 MATTHEW SINGER

New Cool Nutz Track and Video, "The Greatest," Produced by Tope

cool nutz

It's about time somebody brought back those old black-and-white "life on the road" videos that were so popular among arena metal bands in the '80s, and it might as well be Cool Nutz. As Portland's resident rap ambassador, the dude has spent a lot of time away from home, bringing Pacific Northwest hip-hop to the world. In this clip for "The Greatest," the first leak from the upcoming COOL ...   More
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 MATTHEW SINGER

Help PDX Pop Now! Celebrate Its New Compilation (Plus Exclusive AgesAndAges Track!)

Tonight is the night! It's time to get out of the rain and celebrate the coming of PDX Pop Now! season and the unofficial beginning of summer. Even though the three-day, free, all-ages festival doesn't start for another eight weeks (sad face), you can get a sneak peak tonight at Holocene, where the PPN! folks are unveiling the 2010 Compilation with a pretty terrific all-ages show featuring Best New ...   More
Thursday, June 3, 2010 MICHAEL MANNHEIMER


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