Stumptown's Duane Sorenson Selling... Flowers?


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It's no new news that Stumptown Coffee founder Duane Sorenson is opening a restaurant on Southeast Division Street next to the original Stumptown Coffee location (though here's a little factoid: the business was originally registered as Haymaker in 2008, changed to Bow and Rifle in January this year, then changed to its current name, the less violent-sounding Woodsman Tavern, two weeks later), but ...   More
Thursday, September 22, 2011 RUTH BROWN

The Selling of Stumptown: Sorenson Makes an Official Statement


Hot off the back of WW's feature story today, The Selling of Stumptown, Stumptown Coffee founder Duane Sorenson has finally made an official statement on Stumptown's website today. The four-paragraph statement does not clarify whether he still owns the company or if he has sold a controlling stake of the business to investment firm TSG Consumer Partners: “At a time when it’s difficult to find ...   More
Wednesday, June 8, 2011 by Ruth Brown

The Selling of Stumptown

Why a dealmaker bought a majority stake in Portland’s iconic indie coffee company.

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Stumptown Coffee is synonymous with Portland. The 12-year-old company is often credited with transforming Portland into one of the world’s best   More
Wednesday, June 8, 2011 RUTH BROWN

Stumptown Coffee Has Been Sold, Industry Sources Tell WW


Stumptown, the iconic and fiercely independent company that helped define coffee in this city, has been sold to a New York investment firm, according to records and interviews with industry officials. A coffee industry executive has confirmed for WW that Stumptown’s new investors claimed to have bought 90 percent of the Portland company. The sale ends the company’s 12-year life as a local brand ...   More
Sunday, June 5, 2011 RUTH BROWN

Second Source Confirms Stumptown Buyout


Another coffee industry executive has come forward to confirm Stumptown Coffee's sale to investment firm TSG Consumer Partners. Tony Dreyfuss, co-owner of Chicago’s Metropolis Coffee Company, told WW that he was also approached by TSG in early May, and he also was told that the investment firm owns a controlling stake of Stumptown. “They mentioned that they had an ownership stake in Stumptown,” ...   More
Tuesday, June 7, 2011 RUTH BROWN

Time Mag Asks: Is Stumptown the new Starbucks?

Okay, the answer to that question is HELL NO. Starbucks is all about cushy lifestyle porn. Stumptown is all about beans. (And the tight pants—Ed.) Still, the born-in-Portland, beloved-by-New Yorkers coffee roaster reached a new level of notoriety today when it was heralded in a story in Time magazine titled, "Is Stumptown the New Starbucks—or Better?" Writer Josh Ozersky (who won ...   More
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 KELLY CLARKE


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