Hotseat: Cory Doctorow

The Boing Boing co-editor and novelist discusses surveillance, jailbreaks and the impact of his friend Aaron Swartz's suicide.


Arts & Books
Cory Doctorow is very worried about the future of your cellphone. As the co-editor of massively popular blog and self-described “directory of wonderful things” Boing Boing, Doctorow finds all the links you will be looking at two weeks later on Reddit.On the day we speak, he’s written about a Doctor Who scarf, 3-D printers, a 1962 magazine called Famous Monsters of Filmland and ...   More
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 RUTH BROWN

Prominent Portland Agency Tenfour Shuttering on February 1

Company was named Social Media Agency of the Year in 2012


WW has learned that high-profile Portland advertising and marketing agency Tenfour will be shutting down business on February 1, as confirmed by company senior vice president Mark Dagg. “We marched hard, we accomplished some great things, and to the very last minute it was a hard decision to make,” said Dagg.“We just couldn’t get enough business, really,” said creative director Mark ...   More
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 by MATTHEW KORFHAGE

Hotseat: Evgeny Morozov

The revolution may not be televised, but here’s one man who says it’s not going to be posted on social media, either.

Q & A
Amid the torrent of words praising social media’s role in helping to overthrow governments, Evgeny Morozov has a different take.  Morozov, who speaks in Portland Wednesday, April 6, contrasts   More
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 NATHAN GILLES

City Hall: Technology Oversight Comes Amid Ongoing Challenges

Portland City Council

As Portland city commissioners beef up their efforts to manage technology projects in the wake of a devastating November audit of Portland's new software program, city bureaus continue to struggle with that updated technology.Yesterday, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the formation of a new Citizen Information Technology Oversight Committee. The brainchild of Commissioner Dan Saltzman, ...   More
Thursday, February 3, 2011 BETH SLOVIC

Microcosm Publishing Says Trade Your Kindle for Comics

Just in case you were gifted an Amazon Kindle that you absolutely want nothing to do with, Microcosm Publishing has a proposition for you. For the month of January, the Portland-based indie publishing house is offering a deal where people can trade what Microcosm calls “soulless faux-literary technology” in exchange for an equal value of Microcosm reading material. They advise that ...   More
Friday, January 7, 2011 RACHAEL DEWITT

Cyborg Camp: The Civic Web Will Help You Find Cats, Among Other Things

Food & Drink
We've written a bit about Max Ogden and his Portland API project over the past couple months, so we won't go on about it too much more here. But Ogden spoke this past week at CyborgCamp Portland 2010, a combination conference/un-conference exploring the interactions between humans and computers, and gave a few real-life, up-and-running examples of his idea of the “civic web.” It's funny: Ogden's ...   More
Monday, October 4, 2010 Ron Knox

Get it: Valve Offers Portal For Free

Today Valve, the fabulously witty devoloper of the Half Life and Left 4 Dead franchises, released its video game distribution client, Steam, for Mac. Steam has been a huge hit on Windows as a means of game distribution without stores or shipping fees, and the software's consumer friendly file sharing policies–buy a game on one computer, and you can download and play it on any other as long ...   More
Thursday, May 13, 2010 Retail Therapist


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