Nobody Works Anymore: CYA L8TR TRL

OMG! Like, I totally just found out that MTV is getting rid of TRL! WTF? That was, like, so totally the last place on MTV that I could, like, tune in to watch music videos and stuff, and it had so many great moments. I wonder if they're like, going to replace it with some reality show or something that, like, lets regular people live like they're rich and famous or something? 'Cause I would so ...   More
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Matt Graham

Nobody Works Anymore: Saggin' and Thuggin'

It's all about the saggy pants. The ban on "droopy drawers" in Riviera Beach, Fla., has been ruled—surprise!—unconstitutional. While Florida fogeys pine for the return of suspenders, we dip into the alien-yet-mainstream world of hip-hop culture and thuggery. Sag with Japanese Precision: The Tightsag blog shows just how much the "ass-sag" has evolved. Thug WIFE: Ice T's beloved ...   More
Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Tony Piff

Nobody Works Anymore: RIPDFW Edition

The late, great David Foster Wallace once wrote a piece about tennis champion Roger Federer in which he argued that the man was so good at the game that watching him at his best was akin to having a religious experience, especially if, like Wallace, you spent your childhood as an elite tennis player. Now, I was always so bad at tennis that it was an accomplishment just to get a few volleys going, and ...   More
Monday, September 15, 2008 Matt Graham

Nobody Works Any More: Have No Fear of Falling

Hold onto the rail. Scenic overlook in Norway Oh, those crazy Scandinavians (and their bent wood)! As the Boy Scouts say, be prepared. In the event that you find yourself falling from a plane without a parachute, you might appreciate having read this. When watching backflips on Youtube, one must be selective. WW's choice for Most Tasteful Internet Backflip. [youtube][/youtube] World ...   More
Friday, September 12, 2008 Tony Piff

Nobody Works Anymore: Because you still have 3.5 days left until the weekend, so why not laugh at news anchors?

In the book Watt, Samuel Beckett's title character enumerates a hierarchy of laughter, ranging from the "bitter" and the "mirthless laugh" to the "risus purus, the laugh laughing at the laugh, the beholding, the saluting of the highest joke, in a word the laugh that laughs—silence please—at that which is unhappy." You know, he may have been on to something there, but I still feel bad for ...   More
Tuesday, September 9, 2008 Matt Graham

Nobody Works AnyMore: Quintuple Methadone Dose For Pachyderm Junkie

Nobody Works Any More: Animal Edition! First thing, let's get the cuteness out of the way: Okay, on to the news: The elephant in the room. The BBC reports that handlers fed an Asian elephant heroin-spiked bananas, which seems totally irresponsible. Strategically placed stickers and flesh-colored underwear. PETA pays hot, sexy, desperate models to go "nude" for PR animal rights. 13 ...   More
Monday, September 8, 2008 Tony Piff

Nobody Works Anymore: Fall is in the air

Hey, all. How was the weekend? Are you feeling refreshed, excited and ready to go? Well it's a good thing you are, because the markets sure aren't . I t looks like stock prices are falling faster than the leaves on the trees. So does this mean we're officially fucked? Wait, what's that you say, Sean? [youtube QRvMU1K_AWU] Well, I'm glad we've got that cleared up. Though something tells me ...   More
Monday, October 6, 2008 Matt Graham

Nobody Works Anymore: Now Pope-Endorsed!

Yes, it's absolutely, indirectly true. On Monday, Pope Benedict commented on the lessons of the financial crisis, warning that money , careers , and success are "nothing," and that those who orient their lives around such material ambitions "build on sand." That makes us here at Nobody Works Anymore feel pretty good about our cause. Laze on, embrace the unknowable, and let ...   More
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 Tony Piff

Nobody Works Anymore: Bailout Edition

So have you come to terms by now with the knowledge that you personally are about to buy about $2 million $2,324 in worthless mortgage-backed securities? Are you at peace with Henry Paulson pawning not just our futures but those of our great grandchildren to save the mansions of his Wall Street buddies? Are you content to let the Bush Administration give away enough money to run the state of Oregon ...   More
Tuesday, September 23, 2008 BEN WATERHOUSE


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