Driver Pleads No Contest, Receives Fine for Bicyclist Fatality

Jennifer Knight pleaded no contest Wednesday to three citations she received in rural Washington County on June 9. At 12:49 pm that day, she hit and killed bicyclist Timothy O'Donnell, 66, of Aloha. Knight, 26, received a fine of over $1,000 for driving with a suspended license, careless driving and passing in a no passing zone. Despite the Washington County Sheriff's Office finding Knight at fault, ...   More
Saturday, June 30, 2007 Nick Deshais

Skydive, Bungee Jump, Be a Good Human

How to Make a Self-Serving Donation to Charity: 1) Go skydiving 2) Shoot at your friends with paintball guns 3) Jump off the highest bungee bridge in the U.S. No planning, no supplies needed, no hunting a place like Canyon Creek (pop. 669) for lunch after bungee jumping your brains out, no kidding. Founded last summer by three young professionals who just wanted to “get together ...   More
Wednesday, June 13, 2007 Jocelyn Brady

Eastside Cyclists Rejoice!

A missing link in Portland's bike map might finally be filled. A greenway bike path connecting the Springwater Trail and the Eastbank Esplanade must be part of waterfront developer SK Northwest''s plans, a local Hearing Officer ruled today. The proposed link would bypass a heavily-used industrial neighborhood in Southeast currently used by riders to get from Springwater Trail to the Esplanade. ...   More
Monday, July 16, 2007 Paul Leonard

Pro Demo at the Dept. of Skateboarding

If you've been planning to cruise along Waterfront Park in your Rollerblades this evening, head over to the Department of Skateboarding (15 NE Hancock St.) RIGHT NOW instead for some real "don't try this, well, anywhere" tricks on wheels. The Dept. is hosting a demo at 6:30 pm by the DVS Shoes pro skateboarding team, including Daewon Song, Mike Taylor, Steve Berra, Jeron Wilson and Am Torrey Pudwill. ...   More
Thursday, July 19, 2007 Ian Gillingham

One Bridge Down, Nine to Go

Cyclists, get your party hats on, because the Burnside Bridge is finally yours. Yes, you get it all to your pedal-powered selves. No more stinky cars or scary buses. It's all you. You and a lot of construction equipment. And construction workers. And pedestrians. “It only closes to motor vehicles,” says Mike Pullen, Multnomah County spokesperson. OK, so maybe it's not all yours, ...   More
Friday, July 13, 2007 Nick Deshais

Bicycle Leader Evan Manvel leaving BTA

Evan Manvel, executive director of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, announced today that he's leaving the influential statewide bike group after two years. In a press release, Manvel cited the BTA's accomplishments while under his charge. “It's been a wonderful couple of years,” Manvel wrote. “I've been honored to lead such an amazing organization and see it grow so ...   More
Friday, July 20, 2007 Nick Deshais

Hot Time in the Cities

Get ready to start peeling off those layers. Portland's summer of 2006 was one of the hottest ever recorded, according to researchers at Environment Oregon, who predicted more of the same at the unveiling of a new climate change report at the Rose Garden in Southwest Portland's Washington Park. Beyond telling us what we already know and wish the Bush Administration would finally do something ...   More
Tuesday, July 24, 2007 Paul Leonard

"Urinetown," the Public Policy Initiative

Give us your drunk, your homeless, your completely lost tourists of Portland, yearning to leak for free. At exactly 11 pm Thursday night, the shiny taps and blindingly white porcelain thrones of City Hall opened up to the public. Hoping to snag a customer rushing to relieve him/herself on Mayor Tom Potter's $46,000 public potty initiative, WW instead found only city employees and reporters. So ...   More
Friday, August 3, 2007 Paul Leonard


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