Jeff Cogen Served as Reference When Woman He Was Having An Affair With Got Promotion

County chair previously denied helping Sonia Manhas get $98,000-a-year job


On Tuesday night Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen said he'd had no role in a promotion given last September to Sonia Manhas, the county employee with whom he was having an affair when she got new job and a big pay increase.But Manhas listed only two references in her application for the job. One of them was Jeff Cogen. Sonia Manhas' referencesAs WW reported on Thursday, Manhas was in fact the only ...   More
Thursday, July 18, 2013 Nigel Jaquiss and Aaron Mesh

Jeff Cogen Had Planned Lunch Today With Sonia Manhas, Two Months After He Claims Their Affair Ended

Multnomah County chairman deleted the calendar entry Monday

cogen_brick wall

Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen and the county employee with whom he had an affair were scheduled to have a private lunch today, even though Cogen claims their relationship ended two months ago. WW has learned that Cogen, on July 11, personally entered the lunch with Sonia Manhas, the county’s health department planning and policy director, on his calendar. He removed the lunch plans from his ...   More
Thursday, July 18, 2013 NIGEL JAQUISS

County Official In Affair With Chair Jeff Cogen Faced No Competition for Job That Gave Her a 20-Percent Raise

Cogen says he played no role in getting Sonia Manhas her promotion.


Sonia Manhas was the only person interviewed for the $103,299-a-year Multnomah County Health Department job she now holds—a promotion that gave her a 20 percent raise last year. Manhas is the woman with whom County Chair Jeff Cogen on Tuesday admitted to having an affair. Manhas is director of policy and planning for the county health department. She was promoted to that position in in September ...   More
Thursday, July 18, 2013 NIGEL JAQUISS

County Attorney Launches Inquiry into Jeff Cogen's Affair


Multnomah County Attorney Jenny M. Madkour told WW this afternoon that she has begun an inquiry into County Chair Jeff Cogen's affair with Sonia Manhas, a policy and planning director in the Multnomah County Health Department."I am the attorney for the county, so I will review all facts that come before me in terms of violations of county policy or law," Madkour says. "We are right in the thick of ...   More
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 Nigel Jaquiss and Aaron Mesh

Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen Admits to Affair With County Health Department Official

He says he has no plans to resign

Cogen 2

Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen tonight admitted an extramarital affair with a female county employee.Cogen told WW Tuesday night in an interview about the affair at county headquarters he deeply regretted the harm he'd done to his wife and two children, and said he was sorry. "It was a mistake," Cogen says of the affair. "People will have to decide whether to forgive me or not. I'm hoping ...   More
Tuesday, July 16, 2013 Nigel Jaquiss and Aaron Mesh

County Attorney Offered Jeff Cogen Legal Advice Before Launching Inquiry Into His Affair


Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen claims he didn't violate any county rules when he had a yearlong affair with a county health department staffer.  County rules prohibit supervisors having sexual affairs with people who work for them. And Cogen is the chief executive of the county.But Cogen told WW Tuesday "my understanding is that while what I’ve done is really stupid, really stupid, it’s ...   More
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 Nigel Jaquiss and Aaron Mesh

Cogen "Shocked" by Hales Cutting Mental-Health Facility Funding


Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen held a "heated" meeting with Portland Mayor Charlie Hales this afternoon, saying he's "shocked and concerned" that the mayor's proposed budget eliminates funding for a a 16-bed mental-health crisis center where Portland police can take people in mental distress—but rarely do."I shared with the mayor my feelings," Cogen says. "The idea that the city—which is currently ...   More
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 ANDREA DAMEWOOD and AARON MESH

Fluoridation 2013: Comparing the Campaign Kickoffs

Clean Water Portland and Healthy Kids Healthy Portland—the "No" and "Yes" campaigns on fluoride—held their first community meetings over the last two weeks as both sides geared up for battle over Measure 26-151, a city council-approved proposal to fluoridate Portland's water supply, which faces a referendum vote in May. WW stopped by both events to eat both sides' food, drink both sides' booze ...   More
Monday, February 4, 2013 by Michael Munkvold

When Stacks Attack

The costly Multnomah County Library has never been controversial—until now.

Cover Story
The Central Library in downtown Portland is a gorgeous 1913 building with 17 miles of shelves, ornate marble staircases and an eco-roof planted with flowers. The flagship branch of the Multnom   More
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 AARON MESH

City Says Library Tax Would Gobble Children's Money

Cogen: "That is chutzpah."


The City of Portland fired a shot across Multnomah County's bow on Wednesday, opening what promises to be a prickly skirmish over whether the county will put a library taxing district on the November ballot. The city's Office of Management and Finance, overseen by Mayor Sam Adams, says that ballot measure will hurt the city, and yesterday it said why. The OMF brief says that creating the Multnomah ...   More
Thursday, July 19, 2012 AARON MESH


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