What Jeff Merkley Thinks About Time's Person of The Year

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may be Time magazine's Person of the Year. But U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley doesn't seem too impressed with the man Time credited with preventing an "economic catastrophe." The Oregon Democrat announced this morning he would vote on Dec. 17 against Bernanke's nomination to a second term as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Merkley, ...   More
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 HANK STERN

A Different Pro-Israel Nonprofit To Launch A Local Chapter in Portland

This Thursday, a pro-peace nonprofit called J Street will kick off its national grassroots campaign by launching local chapters in Portland and dozens of other locations nationwide. J Street differs from longer-established pro-Israel organizations such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee because it supports a two-state, peaceful solution in the Middle East, and because it's willing ...   More
Tuesday, February 2, 2010 Leah Dimatteo

Merkley v. Bunning: The Latest

U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) has made himself into quite the political punching bag lately by blocking the extension of unemployment benefits on the Senate floor, and then reportedly telling Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) "Tough shit" when Merkley called him on it. Here on MSNBC's "The Ed Show," Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) gets in his shots at Bunning and some of the Kentucky senator's Republican ...   More
Tuesday, March 2, 2010 HANK STERN

Insta-Update on An Oregon Senator In The News

Here's an update on yesterday's video showing U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) tangling DC-style with U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.): Bunning has now backed down from his filibuster blocking the extension of unemployment benefits, no doubt disappointing Democratic political consultants who couldn't have been handed an easier political point than the image of a Republican unabashedly halting help ...   More
Wednesday, March 3, 2010 HANK STERN

Killer Foods: Merkley and Salmonella Victims Talk Food Safety

Parents of children affected by salmonella told Oregon health officials and U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) some horrific tales today of what's happened to their kids from foodborne illness. The discussion this morning at the State Office Building came against a backdrop of pending food safety modernization bills in Congress. The Food and Drug Administration is also considering tightening its ...   More
Friday, June 4, 2010 Jacob Reingold

Sen. Jeff Merkley's Take On Mosque/Community Center Near Ground Zero

The op-ed piece in this morning's Oregonian by U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) on the mosque and Muslim community center that's been proposed near Ground Zero makes for a thought-provoking read. Merkley writes I appreciate the depth of emotions at play, but respectfully suggest that the presence of a mosque is only inappropriate near ground zero if we unfairly associate Muslim Americans with ...   More
Monday, August 23, 2010 HANK STERN

Watch the Video: Merkley on Banning Sale of Animal-Torture "Crush" Films

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) has announced he'll soon introduce bipartisan legislation to ban the sale of so-called "crush" videos showing small animals being tortured and killed by humans. Congress banned the sale of such videos in 1999, but the U.S. Supreme Court struck down that law in April, saying it was overly broad and impinged on free speech. Since then, the videos have been surfacing ...   More
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 JAMES PITKIN

Obama: Republicans Drove the Car into a Ditch and Dems, Kitzhaber Can Pull it Out

A good speaker knows his audience. So when President Obama led off his nearly 35-minute speech Wednesday night at the Oregon Convention Center by noting his best friend from high school lives in Eugene and is a "big Ducks fan" and his brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, coaches the Oregon State Beavers men's basketball team, he pretty much owned the crowd that had already greeted him like a rock star. "I've ...   More
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 NIGEL JAQUISS


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