Election is Coming

For the City Hall throne and other races, we reveal our picks for the 2012 primary.

Cover Story
Candidate Photography by Kenton Waltz This local election season has had all the intrigue of Game of Thrones, with scheming, betrayals...   More
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 WW Editorial Staff

Murmurs: DIY Taxidermist Winged by Feds

You’d think the Feds have bigger game to chase.

DIY taxidermist Emily Humphries, whom we featured last fall (see “The Right Stuffing,” WW, Sept. 21, 2011), says the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating her under the Migratory Bird Tr   More
Wednesday, April 11, 2012 WW Editorial Staff

What the Muck?

The Portland Harbor is a toxic embarrassment. And there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Cover Story
In any good monster movie, the initial terror comes from knowing there’s something awful out there—even though you don’t get a good look at it.  It lurks in the shadows or just bene   More
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 AARON MESH

Campaign Confidential

WW gets city hall candidates to make public questionnaires used to win special-interest-group support.

If a candidate for mayor knocks on your door and asks for your vote, you probably won’t try to pin him or her down...   More
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 HEIDI GROOVER

How Steve Novick Might've Handled Occupy Portland (Updated)


Steve Novick, the environmental lawyer and former U.S. Senate candidate who is running to replace Randy Leonard on the Portland City Council, laid out his platform yesterday in a lengthy BlueOregon post.The post went on in what Novick calls "mind-numbing detail" about his proposal for a city-backed health care clinic targeting workers who have disproportionately high health care expenses, modeled on ...   More
Friday, March 2, 2012 COREY PEIN

Grocery Union Leader and Others React to Anti-Labor Language in New Seasons Market Handbook


A story in this week's print edition of WW exploring mayoral candidate Eileen Brady's work behind the scenes at New Seasons Market during the company's early days has provoked strong reactions from labor unions and other City Hall candidates. Brady has repeatedly said she wrote New Seasons' first employee handbook in 2000. The first bound, published employee handbook distributed to workers in March ...   More
Friday, February 3, 2012 NIGEL JAQUISS

Running Out the Meter

Who among the city hall hopefuls has best avoided the parking patrol?

City Hall
Public records offer clues about what politicians are really like. Do they pay their bills, vote or license their dogs? And what about parking tickets? All the major City Hall candidates have them an   More
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 NIGEL JAQUISS

Randy Leonard Endorses Adams for Mayor, Fires Warning Shot at Cogen


City Commissioner Randy Leonard may be exiting City Hall, but he's not yet giving up his influence over Portland politics.Fresh off his announcement Wednesday that he will not seek re-election in 2012, Leonard tells WW he will endorse Mayor Sam Adams if Adams chooses to run for a second term next year. The two men have been close allies on the City Council."If Sam runs, I will endorse him," Leonard ...   More
Thursday, June 30, 2011 JAMES PITKIN

Novick Hires Political Team, But is Mum on When Randy Leonard Decided to Retire

Steve Novick

Today, on the same day Commissioner Randy Leonard announced he would not seek re-election in 2012, candidate Steve Novick went live with his own campaign website in a bid to take over Leonard's seat on Portland City Council.Novick and Leonard are longtime friends (Leonard endorsed Novick in the 2008 U.S. Senate race), and as previously reported in WW, some political observers had suspected that Leonard ...   More
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 JAMES PITKIN


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