The pandemic has sparked a number of trends, including the uptick in requests for personalized greetings from celebrities (definition applied broadly) using outlets like Cameo.

But if you don't have $1,200 to have Snoop Dog rap "Happy Birthday" to your mom, Opera on Tap is now offering Yuletide Zoombombs for anyone who needs to send an extra boost of holiday cheer as a gift, or simply wants to request their own personal carolers from the comfort of their sofa.

The Portland chapter of the nonprofit, which began in New York, normally performs in clubs rather than cavernous concert halls in order to expose new audiences to classical music. But just like pretty much every other gathering in 2020, Opera on Tap's shows have all been canceled or moved online.

With its latest project, you can arrange to have a Zoom meeting with a live singer or a video of a duet, trio or quartet. An appearance by a single performer, who will belt out three holiday songs, costs $75. Pricing for additional singers and arias is available upon request.

Considering that on Cameo $75 will get you a message from the likes of one of the titular Dance Moms or an OG Real Housewife, we'd take that money and request some holiday tunes.