What's Your Cause?
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(Left) "I care about visibility for women being taken advantage of by men. That's my semi-vague answer, but I'll add this… #metoo." (Right) "My cause is KAWS One. He's the epitome of the activist/artist who sold out."

"Black Lives Matter is the most important to me."

"Right now pretty much everything that's been going on with civil rights.
I care a lot about equality, and the issue is returning to the forefront of
our society again."

"It's all about equality on all fronts for me. We're having so much trouble with women's reproductive rights, particularly. I have a daughter, and this is her future. I fought hard to get those rights and now they're being taken away. It makes me very angry."

(Left) "For me, it's helping the homeless folks in our neighborhood. We moved from New York, and the homeless situation is totally different here. We need to create jobs, ones that they want to do. We need to figure out how to include them in the workforce, rather than just ignore them." (Right) "I work for Nike, so of course I'm really invested in the Doernbecher children's program, which does a lot of good. I am also involved in a partnership my company has with S4. It's a program that makes soccer more accessible to kids underserved in sports. Giving kids more access to sports is something I really care about."

"Reconnecting with the Earth."

"We need to put more emphasis on education in general. That is, in my opinion, the root of all of our social problems today. I think our country would be very different if everyone had access to a better education, and Trump wouldn't be our president."

"Taking care of our homeless, definitely. Too much money goes down the drain toward things that simply don't work and are inhumane."