Get Your Reps In: It’s Robert Pattinson vs. Willem Dafoe in “The Lighthouse”

“Admit it! Yer fond of me lobster!”

The Lighthouse (2019)

This claustrophobic chamber horror stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as two lighthouse keepers whose assignment to tend the light on a remote New England island goes awry when a mystical storm maroons them. Swirling with salty secrets, spiteful seagulls, and one seductive siren, director Robert Eggers’ sophomore film may just be his masterpiece. Screens as part of Cinemagic’s A24 Studio Showcase. Cinemagic, June 15.

Moonlight (2016)

Also screening as part of Cinemagic’s A24 Studio Showcase is Barry Jenkins’ stunning Best Picture Oscar winner, which chronicles three stages in the coming of age of a shy Black boy. Refuge from his abusive mother (Naomie Harris) comes in the form of a supportive couple (Mahershala Ali and Janelle Monáe) who help him grapple with his sexuality, identity and masculinity. Cinemagic, June 16.

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Working-class teenager Tony Manero (John Travolta) finds escapism from his bleak home life in the form of disco dancing in this ‘70s time capsule, which is known for catapulting both Travolta and the Bee Gees’ original hit “Stayin’ Alive” (written for the film) to international fame. Featuring an introduction and film insight from film programmer Elliot Lavine. Cinema 21, June 18.

Goodfellas (1990)

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a gangster.” Screening in 35 mm as a tribute to the late Ray Liotta, Martin Scorsese’s crime drama staple chronicles the rise and fall of mob associate Henry Hill (Liotta) and his rocky relationship with his wife (Lorraine Bracco) and his wiseguy mob partners (Robert De Niro and a scene-stealing Joe Pesci). Hollywood, June 19.

Sebastiane (1976)

Set in A.D. 300 and notable for being one of the few films in Latin, this X-rated historical drama from legendary gay filmmaker Derek Jarman (known for his 1993 avant-garde piece Blue) follows St. Sebastian’s exile to a remote Roman garrison. There, pain and pleasure intertwine, as the oft-nude men cope by indulging in homoeroticism and torture. Clinton, June 21.


Clinton: The Dog (2014), June 20. Hollywood: Psychotronic TV Oddities in 16 mm, June 21.