In April, the Maui's patio burned down. But luckily for Portland sports fans, they weren't out of commission for long. In the space of two weeks, the staff made a heroic effort and cleaned the place up and rebuilt the patio. The North Williams island-themed sports-ish bar was back in action just in time for the Blazers' playoff run, packing in the fans and somehow cycling through the long line forming at the bar with impressive speed. There are plenty of your favorite beers on tap and the mixed drinks are stiff enough to calm your Rip/Rose City anxiety and cheap enough that you can buy a round when the unthinkable happens and we win. Please make sure your cigarettes are fully extinguished when you're done!

Happy hour: 4-7 pm daily.

Entertainment: Pool, a patio not currently on fire, sportsball and pinball.

3508 N Williams Ave.,503-282-1611. 3 pm to 2:30 am daily.