Momo is one of the best hangouts in an area otherwise swamped with high-end restaurants and cocktail offerings, the only place nearby for 45 minutes worth of cheap daily unwinding at the end of a long shift at a hard job. Here, flammable and strong mixed drinks ($4) sit aside jug-sized glasses of wine at some of the best rates on the westside. Skip the bourbon on the rocks—you get more bang for your buck with a Jack and Coke. The real draw to Momo is that it sports one of the city's best hidden patios: a roughly 50-seat enclave preciously guarded by the towering pitted brick and peeling white walls of surrounding businesses. Here sit downtown's beleaguered cubicle class, cranking through smushed packs of Marlboro reds and stiff drinks, unwinding among a subtle palette of weathered wood, concrete floor, shale, corrugated iron and galvanized railing. On a nice day, you'll be hard-pressed to find a seat on one of the many well-worn wooden patio tables, so brown they're almost silver, but bumming a smoke shouldn't be any problem at all.

HAPPY HOUR: 3-8 pm. $1 off well drinks, $1 off microbrews.

ENTERTAINMENT: Your colleague Danny complaining about your boss. Patio sittin'.

725 SW 10th Ave., 503-478-9600. 3 pm-2:30 am daily.