Threshold Brewing & Blending

403 SE 79th Ave., 503-477-8789, 4-7 pm Tuesday-Saturday, noon-3 pm Sunday.

The Montavilla brewery has built itself a shelter from the storms. To fortify their expanded streetside taphouse, the owners built a raised deck and put up three walls and a corrugated roof now adorned with dangling string lights. It's a work in progress—but then, so is most of the city's bar scene as it prepares for a COVID-ravaged winter.

Baerlic Brewing's Super Secret Beer Club

1020 SE Grant St., 503-477-9418, 2-8 pm daily.

Baerlic Brewing is among that inspired group of entrepreneurs during the pandemic that looked at the cracked, gray parking lot behind its building and somehow saw a socially distanced party. The 6,000-square-foot space has turned into a Bavarian-inspired drinking lawn, complete with a huge faux foliage backdrop affixed with the words "Super Secret Beer Club."

McMenamins Crystal Hotel Zeus Cafe

303 SW 12th Ave., 503-384-2500, 7 am-10 pm daily.

Business is back at McMenamins, though it doesn't look quite like it used to, at least not at the Crystal Hotel's streetside patio. The space was simple at first, with tables in the street along with a smattering of potted plants. Then Edgefield lent some of its collection of black, wrought-iron tables and chairs, along with barrels that evolved into miniature gardens.

Old Town Brewing

5201 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 503-200-5988, 4-9 pm Sunday-Thursday, 3-9 pm Friday, noon-9 pm Saturday.

While many makeshift pandemic patios are nothing much to look at, Old Town's is different: It immerses you in nature. The temporary woodland is laden with trees on loan from the city of Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services. Some are squat and bushy, others taller than the red umbrellas shading the patch with blooming flowers in a complementary shade of crimson.

Teardrop Lounge

1015 NW Everett St., 503-445-8109, 4-10 pm Wednesday-Saturday. Reservations required.

Unlike the other establishments on this list, the pioneering craft cocktail bar does not have outdoor seating. Instead, the bar has reopened with the intent of creating the safest possible environment for indoor imbibing. That includes a new, heavy-duty HVAC system and plexiglass around its center bar. Will it all make customers comfortable enough to drink inside again? Hard to say—but the cocktails remain mighty enticing.