710-6417, awesomeales.com.

David Lederfine's gypsy operation leases time on the brewing systems at Seven Brides in Silverton and Oregon Trail in Corvallis. Lederfine does it all, producing about 400 barrels annually, and Awesome's ales have been in Portland beer joints like Untapped, Lardo East, the Waypost, and Chill N Fill. St. Johns' wonderfully weird bar and venue Plew's Brews is about as close as Awesome Ales has to a tied taproom, and typically has at least one offering on tap. Lederfine has ambitious ideas, and recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to create farmhouse-style bottle-conditioned ales under a parallel brand, plus build a brewery and taproom. In the meantime, ask around town to see who has Awesome Ales on tap, or check the Twitterbook feeds.

Drink This: The favorite is the Awesome IPA, dubbed "The 4:19." Lederfine also does experimental variations on the base beer with other hop varieties.