Astoria’s Buoy Beer Will Reward You for Helping Clear the Columbia Riverbanks of Its Production Materials

Snap a photo of yourself picking up brewery cans and labels for a free flight at Pilot House Distilling.

Buoy Beer is still waiting for answers on the cause of its building collapse in Astoria on June 14. But in the meantime, it’s asking customers to help mitigate damage caused by the cave-in.

The brewery’s latest Facebook update asks followers to be on litter patrol for items that washed down the Columbia River following that collapse—and you’ll even be rewarded.

The part of the former cannery that was most affected was the warehouse, which holds canning machinery and production goods, including empty aluminum containers and labels. While a debris boom was put in place under the dock as quickly as possible, some of those materials were immediately washed down the river and into the Pacific.

“On top of everything else, we feel terrible about this and have had our team and families cleaning up as best as we can,” the post stated. “However, we could use some help up and down the coast with cleanup. Thank you to those that can.”

If you do participate in bankside tidying, Buoy would like you to take a photo of yourself plus your haul of brewery detritus, then present those images to any Pilot House Distilling tasting room (locations in Astoria, Cannon Beach and Portland) for a free sample flight. The brewery would have normally thanked you with beer, but it currently doesn’t have a place to serve it..

The company adds that it will provide an update about its building very soon, and that the support it has received from the community and industry friends is greatly appreciated.