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Six Edibles We Love

Some of our favorite edibles.

Sour Bhotz

These are not your Grammy's edibles. If ferociously strong is what you seek, these are the gummies for you. Walk your happy ass to a concert in the park and melt into the tunes, but don't be the joker who falls asleep standing up in Fred Meyer because you went full chola and ate the whole thing.


PNW Potions

This is the gateway to the good stuff. Perfectly portioned by the dropperful, these sweet additives make summer drinks magical. They're usable under the tongue for quicker effects. Try the Maté for a caffeinelike kick without the jitters.


WYLD Canna

If an attitude adjustment and swift kick in the ass is what will set your day straight, snag one of these creamy chocolate treats. Strawberry Nesquik should be scared of the new sheriff in town. This single dose of the warm and fuzzies is helpful in shedding stress and staying focused. Be the loose and functional hero of your own movie.



There's no hemp-derived CBD in this bottle because processor and grower Dirty Arm Farm extracts from nug run only. It's suitable to mix into carbonated drinks, with a 4-to-1 CBD-THC ratio that will help manage pain with an ever-so-slight calm. Why aren't all drinks infused with this?


Magic Number Ginger Beer

This craft-brewed treat is spicy and delicious. Start the journey with the Number 3, and think of its strength level as the Baby Bear of the gang. The Number 10 is the Mama Bear, and the whopper Number 25 is the Papa Bear. The whole idea is to dial up the experience according to your tolerance. Don't be shocked to feel killer uplifting body vibes that eventually melt into a heavy sleepiness. So why don't you dive in, Goldilocks?


Laurie & MaryJane's Canna Kit

Edibles have the highest markup of any cannabis product, mostly because infusion sounds like magical science alchemy. Thankfully there's Laurie & MaryJane's Canna Kit, with tools, instructions and ready-to-infuse flower with ready-to-be-infused coconut oil. Though the kit isn't reusable, the process is, so pay attention and you'll be able to use your leftovers next time.