Oregon Cannabis Sales Jump 29 Percent During Christmas Shopping Season

That's a sharper sales spike than in most western states.

Santa loves legal weed.

Cannabis sales in Oregon jumped 29 percent during the two weeks before Christmas, according to data from the Denver-based marijuana business software firm Baker.

Most varieties of retail see a boom in sales before the holidays, and cannabis dispensaries were no exception. But Oregon's sales spike was unusually high.

The average sales bump across the seven states where Baker collects sales figures—Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California, New Mexico and Nevada—was 21 percent.

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"Holiday gift-giving is a perfect example of this once-taboo product making its way into the mainstream retail environment," Baker CEO Joel Milton told USA Today. "We have a feeling people will like cannabis gifts a lot more than a traditional … box of chocolates."

In fact, Baker says the most-sold products in Oregon were edibles—brownies, cookies and candies. Accessories like vaporizers and pipes were also popular, with those sales increasing by a whopping 61 percent.

Baker doesn't release raw dollar figures on sales, and it doesn't track every marijuana retailer in the state. But it lists 29 Oregon cannabis stores as clients.