If you're going to stock up on weed for April 20, you'll need to actually plan ahead—at least, if Jayne is your chosen spot.

The Northeast Portland dispensary is planning a 24-hour closure on April 20, in honor of 4/20. This marks the second year they will close to observe the day.

"4/20 is the busiest sales day of the year, so closing seems silly, from a business standpoint," owner Robb Arnold said in a statement. "But we set out to be more than just a business, and that's how strongly we feel this should be a holiday."

Arnold urges other dispensaries to do the same, despite closing for what is most likely a very lucrative day for dispensaries.

To combat this, Jayne plans to offer it's biggest sale of the year on April 19 to make up for any  missed revenue it would generate on 4/20.

"We did this last year and we had a huge sale on 4/19 and stretched one day into two days worth of sales, maybe a little bit more," Arnold told WW.

Jayne's sale on April 19 will have free BBQ, gift bags, vendors and raffles.