1780 NW Marshall St., 503-477-4430, mindritepdx.com. 10 am-10 pm Monday-Sunday.

Similar to the quaint residential vibe of the surrounding tree-lined streets between the Pearl District and 21st Avenue, MindRite sets a polished standard for a cozy neighborhood shop. The marigold exterior is a pop of color on the quiet block, with lighter yellow walls inside that give an already fun errand a little extra cheer. The store accommodates those with a tight time frame and encourages customers to call ahead so budtenders can begin preparing orders. Visit before 6 pm and the shop will take 10 percent off your order, and flower, which is primarily priced at $10 a gram across the board of 25-plus strains from farms like Bula and Sky High Organics, is 10 percent off all day Friday. There's a huge selection of half-gram cartridges for vaporizing, from a $30 Blue Dream cartridge by OCO or Nightmare Cookies by OM Extracts to a $40 CBD-dominant option by Green Dragon Extracts. For the dabbers, there are $50 grams of live resin and dab syringes by Select.  If you've wanted to try topicals but hate their usual greasy consistency, opt for fast-absorbing CBD spray by Apothecanna or Pure Ratios' 1-to-1 transdermal patch for focused pain relief.

NEARBY: Pok Pok NW (1639 NW Marshall St.)—and its legendary fish sauce wings and refreshing drinking vinegars—is only a block away.