Buy the Good Weed, Not the Evil Weed

It’s about ethics in cannabis shopping.

Portlanders love their weed. So each year, when the flower harvest is ready, our paper gets you everything you have to know about your favorite plant. The best strains. The best shops. The best way to enjoy your pot.

And the topic that dominates this show: how to make sure your weed is ethically sourced.

Now you have probably heard of blood diamonds, or maybe you’ve seen the show Narcos or Breaking Bad. And I’m not saying the cannabis business is exactly like that. In fact, the plant’s legalization has turned much of the industry into an aboveboard enterprise. But there is a black market for pot—and a lot of damage that taking shortcuts can do.

Blood bud? Well, perhaps. In this episode of the Dive, we interview Brianna Wheeler. Brianna is a freelance pot smoker who does some reporting on the side. She also happens to be a terrifically fun podcast guest as we take up the interview discussing the ins and outs of the cannabis community in Portland.

News, pot, music. This week’s show is—as always—a must-listen.

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