Give someone $15 in Portland, and you give them the world.

There's nowhere in America you can eat better on a middling budget. There are cheaper cities, sure, with $5 grinders made of soy meat. And there are cities with more fine dining for the business-class baller.

But here, at the hub of fresh-local-organic and sleekly marketed fast-casual, our standards are too high to eat truly cheap food. And yet, we're also way too skinflinty to pay for our own high standards. We are a midmarket paradise full of unreasonable people, whose needs are nonetheless met with pride.

We've scoured the city to find 91 delicious meals you can eat for less than $15 a person before tip (please tip!).

These aren't small plates. These aren't bites. They are self-sufficient plates of food, offered nonetheless with the understanding you might want less for weekday breakfast than Friday dinner. And even at low prices, our flank steak is butchered nose to tail, the focaccia on your veggie sandwich is housemade, and the fried chicken at Reel M Inn is way better than we deserve.

And because we know the meal you eat is often at the mercy of what you can spend, we've ordered our directory of meals by price, starting with a lowly $2.50 bagel and going all the way up to a $14.25 feast of dim sum dumplings.

We also honor the trend in low-cost Portland eats we're happiest about this year: the rebound of homestyle local-grown soul food with a cart that may very well be the busiest restaurant in Portland, but for only two hours a day.

There's a lot more to discover in Portland than just another burger—although we've also got you covered on those.

Happy eating.