Tiny homes have captured Portland’s fascination as an alternative living option, but the compact structures are also an appealing camping hack. The five diminutive dwellings that make up Mt. Hood Tiny House Village (65000 E Highway 26, Welches, 888-787-1696, mthoodtinyhouse.com) are slick, well maintained and cleverly economic in their use of space. Each dwelling has been named—Atticus, Lincoln, Zoe, Savannah and Scarlett—and decorated to match its personality. Lincoln, for example, spartan with wood paneling, is described as “an intellectual” with “an extremely humble demeanor.” Yes, it’s a superfluous description for a tiny home, which impressively sleeps five, but don’t let that deter you. Waking up to still, quiet mornings from the vantage of a lofted bed is hard to beat, especially when you know there’s a full kitchen just below you as well as a swimming pool and network of hiking trails waiting outside.