No, you're not experiencing quarantine-induced déja vù: There is more snow in the forecast for Portland this week.

It seemed like we had gotten our annual afternoon dusting out of the way a few weeks ago. But take a look at your weather app, and you'll see quite a few snowflakes approaching—a whole college campus full of 'em, amiright?!

As of now, there's about a 40% chance of snow in the Portland metro area starting Thursday and continuing into the next week, according to Dave Elson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. Of course, accurately predicting snowfall in this part of the country is difficult due to the confluence of factors needed to produce it, and Elson says there's "not a lot of confidence" in the forecast right now.

"It's still kind of a very uncertain scenario for the latter half of the week and through the weekend," he says.

But Elson does say it appears temperatures, with highs in the low to mid-30s during the day and much cooler at night, will be cold enough. It's just a matter of whether the system arriving later this week will produce any precipitation.

And if it does fall, it should stick at lower elevations.

So don't freak out quite yet—but maybe get your bulk kale orders in while you can.