"Growing up in Portland, it’s pretty obvious that my people don’t have much of a voice—let alone much of a presence—in the community at all."
"My status as a musician makes me feel like I need to be more well-versed on what’s happening in the community. "
"My stance on issues in my community has definitely influenced our music and growth. "
Where I’m from—and particularly for people that look like me—there are systemic, socioeconomic inequalities that impact how we are viewed by the world and also how we view ourselves.
"Being an artist has given me the unique opportunity to connect with people from different walks of life."
We sat down with the commissioner to discuss activism and civic engagement, running for office, and how to maintain hope while trying to build a future we want to see.
“The rest of Portland wasn't trying to deal with gay, black boys. We were ostracized.”
After experiencing countless micro-aggressions and seeing her fellow creatives of color go unnoticed and unheard when it came to their art, she made a decision to start Portland in Color.
Her advocacy encompasses many social issues, including racism, climate change and gun reform—both on and off campus.