Sadly, the phrase "active shooter" is now part of the everyday American lexicon—and we do mean every day.

In response to the current spate of mass shootings—including, but certainly not limited to, the massacre at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore.—Portland-based singer-songwriter Erika M. Anderson, who records as EMA, has released "Active Shooter," a grinding, distorted, Reznorian track about the growing numbness toward the acts of gun-based violence that seem to be occurring almost daily. She even throws in a piece of President Obama's speech in the wake of the Umpqua shooting addressing the country's hardening sense of apathy: "Somehow, this has become routine."

Even more unsettling than the song itself is the accompanying video. Set in the direct aftermath of a rampage in what appears to be a middle school, it's shot from the perspective of a cop entering the building, winding around corners with his own gun drawn. Anderson cannot take credit for it, though: It's an actual training video made by the police department in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. And that just makes it all the more horrifying.