Portland's STRFKR is releasing an intentional bummer of a Christmas song. It's called "Happy Fucking Holidays."

"I've always hated most holiday music," singer Josh Hodges said in a press release. "So I wanted to make a holiday song that felt more how the holidays usually do to me."

The song was originally written in 2007 for Willamette Week's once-annual holiday compilation CD, Another Gray Christmas. (All of which are still available on Bandcamp, by the way.) Thirteen years later, it's getting its first wide release. 

Due out next Friday, the song is a blur of whirring synths, melancholy piano and Hodges singing the sardonic lyric like he just woke up: "Happy fucking holidays/I hope you say all the right things/Just like you mean it."

The single will cap off a prolific year for the indie-pop band. After a four-year break between albums, STRFKR released two full-lengths this year—Future Past Life and the instrumental Ambient 1.