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Donald J. Trump May Move His Aug. 31 Rally Out of Portland to Southern Oregon

The fundraiser? That's still in PDX. But the host list is getting shorter.

Donald J. Trump remains fixed on coming to Portland for an Aug. 31 fundraiser.

But his campaign says he may move his public rally out of the city—to Southern or Eastern Oregon.

Jacob Daniels, Trump's Oregon campaign director, tells WW that the nominee's team has narrowed its search to three locations for a public rally—and only one of those sites is in Portland.

"I can't confirm if it's in Portland, or Eastern Oregon, or Southern Oregon," Daniels says. "Possibly not doing it in Portland, depending on what the campaign wants us to do. We're working on those details now. We're working with law enforcement and the Secret Service to see if those three locations meet the criterion."

Daniels says Trump's private fundraiser will definitely remain in Portland, and the candidate will land in PDX even if he heads elsewhere for a town hall.

Meanwhile, Trump's finance team has sent out a new invite to his Aug. 30 fundraiser in Seattle. This time, the list of hosts is missing some high-profile Portlanders.

Last weekend, The Seattle Times uncovered an invitation that listed three Portland businessmen among the event hosts. In the next 48 hours, all three men disavowed the event—and two of them, hoteliers Gordon Sondland and Bashar Wali, pledged to never support Trump.

The new invitation, obtained today by WW, does not list Sondland, Wali or Portland State University trustee Peter Stott.