Getting water to the city of Portland's more than 650,000 residents requires a lot of infrastructure: pumps, pipes and property, among other things.

But the Portland Water Bureau's needs shift. And next week, City Council will consider declaring six pieces of property surplus and putting them up for sale.

Here are the addresses and tax identification numbers for the properties:

Details, including maps and photos of the six parcels, are here.

And if you want further information about lot dimensions, zoning, etc, that information can be found using Portland Maps.

City Council now follows a process for land that bureaus no longer need. The surplus land is offered to other bureaus and outside government entities. If none of them want the property, the city seeks public comment and notifies neighbors and affected parties the land may be sold. Only after all that process—assuming nothing derails a sale—does the land come to council for consideration.

That's a much more thorough approach to disposing of public assets than the Water Bureau once followed. In 2013, for instance, WW reported on neighborhood concerns in Multnomah Village when the bureau sold surplus land to a developer at what appeared to be an attractive price.

The bureau has also taken flack for building—and later dumping—a $940,000 home on bureau property.